Come join us at one of our upcoming dates at the clay ground.


*Floodlight provided after dark.

Up next


                            Sunday 11th @ 10am-3pm
                             Tuesday 13th @ 2pm-9pm
                             Sunday 18th @ 10am-3pm
                             Tuesday 20th @ 2pm-9pm
                             Sunday 25th @10am-3pm
                            Tuesday 27th @ 2pm-9pm


SUNDAY 4TH MARCH @ 10am-2:30pm
100 Bird Sporting competition only
entries 9am-2pm (shooting from 10am)

Tuesday 6th  @2pm-9pm
Sunday 11th @10am-3pm
Tuesday 13th @2pm-9pm
Sunday 18th  @10am-3pm
Tuesday 20th @2pm-9pm
Sunday 25th @10am-3pm
Tuesday 27th @2pm-9pm

Coming up soon



Holiday Monday 2nd April @ 10-2:30pm
100 Bird Sporting Competition only
entries 9am-2pm (shooting from 10am)

Tuesday 3rd @ 2pm-9pm
Sunday 8th@10am-3pm
Tuesday 10th @ 2pm-9pm
Sunday 15th @ 10am-3pm
Tuesday 17th @ 2pm-9pm
Sunday 22nd @ 10am-3pm
Tuesday 24th @ 2pm-9pm
Sunday 29th @ 10am-3pm

A while away…



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