RESULTS ARE OUT - Sunday 23rd December 2018

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Chalk Farm. We hope you enjoy reading the last results report before we break for Christmas.

It was a very cold, and very wet day with lots of broken scorecards. Many shooters found refuge in the club house by the roaring wood stove. We had an average turnout and, considering the conditions, that was great.

Straights were achieved on Compak by Mark Goddard and Dwayne Morley as well as another straight on the Clay Snooker for Mark.


As planned the clay ground will opening with all disciplines and food available from 10am through till 3pm on Sunday the 30th December.

We will be closed on the Tuesday of Christmas Day as well as the Tuesday of New Year’s Day.

Instead, Chalk Farm Clay Ground will be open on Monday 31st December - from 10am until 3pm.

Do keep an eye on Facebook as well as on your emails for short notice announcements about extra days. We hope to add some, weather permitting.

Lewis Branson 88
Gary Tugwell 84
Mark Smith 84
Graham 83
Paul 78
Keith 78
Simon Glister 76
Karl Savage 74
Brad Matthews 71
Danny Copeman 70
Shaun Kingston-Miles 69
Dean Moulton 66
Pat Moulton 62
Ashley 58

Dwayne Morley 25
Mark Goddard 25
Phil Sabin 24
Steven Howling 22
Glen Halls 22
Johnathon Smith 20
George Howling 20
Dave 20
Barry Roden 19
Adam Taylor 18
Paul 17
Lewis Branson 15
Reo Freitas 14

Mark Goddard 65
Lewis Branson 42
Danny Copeman 41
Brad Matthews 27
Spud 24

Mark Goddard 21/58



RESULTS ARE OUT - Sunday 30th November 2018

Sunday, 30th November 2018, began with a very mild morning Norfolk wind, which picked up in the afternoon, culminating in a fairly dark end to the day. There was a steady flow of good numbers throughout the day. It was really great to see so many enjoying the warmth of the Club House and ordering food during the shooting.

We are still seeing a few new faces so do keep them coming.

David Nash achieved a fab 25 straight on the Skeet and it was great to see young Reo Freitas taking part again. Great start for Sam Bridges on his first 100 Bird who scored a 44.

Many thanks to one of our regulars, Andrew Sizeland - the photo shown is a still from his drone footage video spanning the Chalk Farm Clay Ground site.

PLEASE NOTE …. Anyone coming to shooting practice on Tuesday, 4th December 2018, Rob is away so there will not be any hot food, We are providing complementary tea and coffee in the main Club House for anyone who attends. We will also sell chocolate bars, crisps, and flapjacks. Rob is back the following Tuesday.

FLOODLIT SHOOTING …. We are very busy on the Sundays at the moment but please do spread the word and invite your friends and family to join us on the Tuesday evening floodlit shooting practice. It has always attracted good numbers in the past and it would be nice to see it build back up again.

Richard Sporle 84
David Nash 84
Ricky Nash 83
Martin Wall PB 81
Darren Wall 80
John Glover 80
Jordan Seaman 78
Adam Reeve 78
Paul Leake 78
Graham Thaxton 77
Paul Reeve 77
Dan Wright 74
Matt Bland 73
Karl Hoolhouse 66
Roger Stubbings 63
Ben Andrews 60
Ben Eames 59
Reo Freitas Jnr 20 bore 58
Will Hurt 53
Dave Brown 51
Sam Bridges 1st 100 bird 44


Ricky Nash 21
Paul 20
David Nash 18
Karl Hoolhouse 17
Karl 17
John 16
Reo Freitas Jnr 16
Roger 13
Stuart 9


David Nash 25
Ricky Nash 24
Matt Bland 18
Will Hurt 15
Ben Eames 13


Barry Mitchelson 19/56

Chalk Farm Clay Ground

Chalk Farm Clay Ground

Improved Conditions Brings Out the Young People

It was much appreciated to receive the kind messages and emails that you have sent as well as Facebook posts about the Easter Bank Holiday Monday Fun Shoot. Most seem to applaud the effort that went into making sure the competition went ahead in all that rain. Steven said: "Those that turned up weren’t the sort to sit home an a day like that." It is really nice to be able to pass on compliments to the team. 

We have noticed some shooters are coming back that we haven't seen through the bad weather in the winter. It is great seeing everyone again and the weather is looking good for Sunday, 8th Aprll 2018.  A little reminder that Rob is available for breakfast from 9:30am for shooters wanting an early start.

We enjoyed improved conditions on Tuesday, 3rd April 2018 and it was the busiest Tuesday we have seen for a while.  Great to see.  This was possibly helped by a good number of the young people being out due to the Easter school holidays.

The Sporting was much busier which gave us a full top ten, also great to see.  We hope to make the leader board great again this summer so would encourage all shooters to hand in their score cards.

Anyone wanting to just shoot stands 1-5 we will list a winner for this.  Not enough were shooting the last time I tried to list more as it was a 50. If I get enough 50 Birds returned I will aim to list more. Some of you may find the walk to do the full 100 Bird too much so this will hopefully offer another option but we will see how it goes. Remember it does need to be stands 1-5 so everyone is shooting the same.

Compak also remained very busy on both stands.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the regular Sunday and Tuesday practice sessions.

breakfast (1).jpg