RESULTS ARE OUT - Sunday 30th November 2018

Sunday, 30th November 2018, began with a very mild morning Norfolk wind, which picked up in the afternoon, culminating in a fairly dark end to the day. There was a steady flow of good numbers throughout the day. It was really great to see so many enjoying the warmth of the Club House and ordering food during the shooting.

We are still seeing a few new faces so do keep them coming.

David Nash achieved a fab 25 straight on the Skeet and it was great to see young Reo Freitas taking part again. Great start for Sam Bridges on his first 100 Bird who scored a 44.

Many thanks to one of our regulars, Andrew Sizeland - the photo shown is a still from his drone footage video spanning the Chalk Farm Clay Ground site.

PLEASE NOTE …. Anyone coming to shooting practice on Tuesday, 4th December 2018, Rob is away so there will not be any hot food, We are providing complementary tea and coffee in the main Club House for anyone who attends. We will also sell chocolate bars, crisps, and flapjacks. Rob is back the following Tuesday.

FLOODLIT SHOOTING …. We are very busy on the Sundays at the moment but please do spread the word and invite your friends and family to join us on the Tuesday evening floodlit shooting practice. It has always attracted good numbers in the past and it would be nice to see it build back up again.

Richard Sporle 84
David Nash 84
Ricky Nash 83
Martin Wall PB 81
Darren Wall 80
John Glover 80
Jordan Seaman 78
Adam Reeve 78
Paul Leake 78
Graham Thaxton 77
Paul Reeve 77
Dan Wright 74
Matt Bland 73
Karl Hoolhouse 66
Roger Stubbings 63
Ben Andrews 60
Ben Eames 59
Reo Freitas Jnr 20 bore 58
Will Hurt 53
Dave Brown 51
Sam Bridges 1st 100 bird 44


Ricky Nash 21
Paul 20
David Nash 18
Karl Hoolhouse 17
Karl 17
John 16
Reo Freitas Jnr 16
Roger 13
Stuart 9


David Nash 25
Ricky Nash 24
Matt Bland 18
Will Hurt 15
Ben Eames 13


Barry Mitchelson 19/56

 Chalk Farm Clay Ground

Chalk Farm Clay Ground

RESULTS ARE OUT - Tuesday 27th November 2018

Tuesday practice turned out to have good numbers in the afternoon but it was very quiet in the evening. Considering the weather was pretty ok in the afternoon and a total wash out in the evening with fairly high winds it is not surprising that the numbers dropped towards the evening.

A gentle reminder of our next forthcoming event: MIXED GROUP 100 SPORTING - Sunday 23rd December 2018

10am - 10.45am Registration specifically for this

Names then picked out of the hat.

First FIVE names forms the 1st group ....

PRIZE MONEY and a slab of cartridges split between the winning group!!

Billy Barlow 20

Roddy Mcleod 18
Sid Johnson 13
Chris Atkin 13

Sid Johnson 33
Roddy Mcleod 24
Chris Atkin 19

 Chalk Farm Clay Ground - Clay Pigeon Trap

Chalk Farm Clay Ground - Clay Pigeon Trap

RESULTS ARE OUT - Tuesday 13th November 2018

Results for our regular Tuesday practice shoot on 13th November 2018:

Dean Cann 96

Dean Cann 24
John Glover 22
Cyril Fisher 21
Paul Reeve 21
Rody Mcleod 21
Ryan Fisher 19
Simon Jennings 18
Jake Smith 16
Lee 15
Chris Atkins 14
Mr Cross 10

Paul Sewter 48
Simon Jennings 34
Rody Mcleod 31
Mark Hudson 30
John Glover 29
Chris Atkins 28
Paul Reeve 23
Ryan Fisher 23
Jake Smith 20
Lee 15

chalk farm clay ground -jonathan.jpg