RESULTS ARE OUT - Tuesday 2nd April 2019

It was a quiet afternoon but a few crack shots turned out for the first week of Extreme Compak. We saw a wet start to the afternoon which cleared for the evening until a hailstorm at 8pm sent shooters running to the clubhouse for cover.

Well done to Dean O’Cann who, after three rounds of Compak, straighted the first two and, although he missed making it a hat trick he still hit 67 straight.  Well done also to Aaron Harvey for his straight on the Compak.

We held our first Extreme Compak qualifier and were delighted to see Dave Gooding qualify multiple times for the Grand Final Extreme Compak. Well done Dave. Our other qualifier was Aaron Harvey, who qualified twice. Keep going Aaron, you are on your way. Keep checking our running list of qualifiers which will be updated each week.

Thank you to the Young Farmers who came out to shoot with us. It was great to see so many young people taking an interest in the sport. We would love to see you all again soon.

Mark Griffin 75
Chris Lock 71
Mitchel Broughton 68
Luke Murray 65 

Dean Cann 25
Aaron Harvey 25
Sam Green 24
Mark Cobbold 23
Adam Hagan 18
Gary Tugwell 17
Anthony 12
George 11
Ed 9

David Gooding 18 (7x qualified)
Aaron Harvey 16 (2x qualified)
Adam Hagan 14
Sam Green 14
Johnny Mitchell 13
Mark Cobbold 12
Karl Hagan 11
Glen Spalding 9
Gary Tugwell 9
Johnny 8
Duddley 7
Joe 3
Kaleb 3

Scoring on the Sporting at Chalk Farm Clay Ground - photo by Stella Gooch

Scoring on the Sporting at Chalk Farm Clay Ground - photo by Stella Gooch