RESULTS ARE OUT - Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Busy afternoon with a good number of shooters staying late to take advantage of the extra daylight and shoot Sporting. Many top shots came to shoot the Extreme Compak as well. Weather was pleasant and warm throughout the day and all evening too.

Well done to Peter Bloomfield who achieved a straight using a 410 on Skeet. Congratulations also to Richard Bunnings for his straight on Compak.

Tuesday, 30th April 2019 is the next opportunity to compete for a chance in our Grand Final in our Extreme Compak competition.

REMINDER: We have a 4 man squad competition on Sunday 23rd June 2019 - get your teams together for a different shooting event

Darren Wall 89
Simon Glister 88
Steve Herriven 87
Tom Lawrence 85
Matty Wright 85
Gary Tugwell 85
Darren Pratt 80
James Woods 77
Brad Matthews 76
Neil Benstead 75
Mark Smith 74
Dan Willard 63
Dave Brown 57

Peter Bloomfield (410) 25
Rooster 22
Stuart 21

Richard Bunnings 25
Andy Corbyn 25
John Porter 24
Karl Hagan 24
Aaron Harvey 24
Mark Goddard 23
Adam Hagan 23
Robert Kingston 23
Mark Cobbold 22
Adam Taylor 22
Shane Porter 21
David Nash 20
Phil Sabin 19
Nick 17
Simon Reinhold 17
Cliff Morris 16
Graham Carter 15
John Carter 7

EXTREME COMPAK (qualifying session)
Mark Cobbold 20 x3
Aaron Harvey 20 x2
Dave Gooding 19 x6
Phil Sabin 19 x1
Mark Bowes 18 x2
Wayne Reeve 16 x1
Mark Goddard 14
Richard Bunning 14
Shane Porter 14
Adam Hagan 12
Ian Hallwood 10
John Porter 6
Mel 6

Click here to see the current cumulative qualifiers for the Grand Final in the Extreme Compak Competition.

Preparing to shoot at Chalk Farm Clay Ground - photo by Stella Gooch

Preparing to shoot at Chalk Farm Clay Ground - photo by Stella Gooch