Extreme Compak Competition (Finals Day Tuesday 11th September 2018)

The success of Extreme Compak on a Tuesday has inspired us to add a bit more interest for our shooters at Chalk Farm Clay Ground.  

Jonathan Smith (Chalk Farm Financial Planning) came and shot the Extreme Compak last night for the first time.  He thought it was terrific and managed a 16 on his first go.  Jonathan, a regular sponsor of our CPSA High Gun Prizes, thinks adding a prize in will add an extra dimension to this stand and he has offered to sponsor an Extreme Compak competition.  

We are delighted to have his support and remind anyone looking for financial advice that his leaflets are located near the desk in the clubhouse.   

So now we are going to offer a competition on the Extreme Compak.  Finals day will be Tuesday 11th September with a prize of £150 to the winner on the night.  

  • To qualify for the finals you must have shot a 16 or more on the Extreme Compak between Tuesday, 24th July and Tuesday, 4th September.  
  • Each score of 16 and above will get you one entry in the final.  
  • The more scores 16 and over you get, the more entries you have.  
  • Those that qualify will not have to pay for their rounds on finals day.  
  • Only those that qualified prior to finals day are eligible to shoot on finals day and win the money.  
  • We will keep a running list of qualifying entries going so you can check at any time who is able to attend.

Good luck everyone.

Jonathan Smith Shooting at Chalk Farm Clay Ground

Jonathan Smith Shooting at Chalk Farm Clay Ground