Clay Shoot Snooker - Fun and Competitive

The team at Chalk Farm Clay Ground were really excited to introduce Clay Shoot Snooker which began on Tuesday 9th October 2018 during the afternoon and evening sessions from 2pm-9pm. It proved to be a lot of fun,

We carried on with our regular 100 Bird Sporting during the daytime, one Compak range, both Skeet ranges alongside the all new Snooker range.

There has been increasing interest for the Clay Shoot Snooker both daytime and floodlit but more are welcome to come along and join in the fun so please do spread the word if you enjoyed it. We would love to create a significant following for it every Tuesday throughout the winter.  

This competitive event is suitable for everyone of all abilities to have a go.  Now that the clocks are due to go back an hour we should see a full 2.5 hours of floodlit shooting too.  

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Keith Marlow takes part in a Snooker Clay Shoot Competition where shooters can achieve amazing scores by hitting high value coloured targets. Each colour has a different score value just like the coloured balls in a traditional game of Snooker.