Hearing and Eye Protection - Your Safety is Our Priority

Whilst out taking photographs at the Clay Ground on Tuesday, 10th June 2018, Eileen noticed that there were a good number of shooters not wearing hearing and eye protection. Please be aware there are signs as visitors drive into the Clay Ground stating this is not an option at Chalk Farm Clay Ground.

Chalk Farm Clay Ground are happy to lend hearing and eye protection to anyone that needs them but visitors do need to ask.  On the other hand, if you are a regular shooter we request that you please buy some for your personal use..

This is very much a safety message as many people have been hit by a clay fragment, somewhere at some point.

Steven says: "Its the particles and decibels you don't see that can blind you and make you become deaf."  Most shooters that Eileen had spoken to had simply forgotten but how terrible it would be if someone needless suffered as a result of this oversight.

Please be aware that those pressing the buttons on the Compak/DTL have been told not to start until everyone is wearing appropriate hearing and eye protection. 

Please remember:

1. they are just doing their job if they remind you; and
2. this is for your own protection and is a health and safety requirement.

Additional signs are being made this week  and will be placed around the Skeet an DTL benches as all s spectators and children of ALL AGES (including those in pushchairs) need to wear ear defenders and eye protection as well.   

Many thanks for everyone’s help on this.  


We can lend them to anyone that needs them but ask if your shoot regularly please buy some. Many people have been hit by a clay fragment, somewhere at some point.

Ear defenders and eye safety equipment

GDPR Is a Great Opportunity to Tidy Up Our Mailing List

If you were signed up to our mailing list to receive our regular email newsletters then you should have received two emails inviting you to subscribe to our new clean GDPR compliant list.  Apologies if this was a nuisance but this was the perfect opportunity to tidy up our list of those who are really interested to receive our newsletter. 

Since March 2017 we have increased the ways in which we communicate with shooters via postings on our website and social media.  Thus we understand it is probable that some of our followers would prefer not to carry on receiving updates via our newsletter.

If you meant to confirm your subscription to our newsletter but missed the email, deleted it by accident etc then please click the link to subscribe and complete the form

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Wayland -v- Chalk Farm Interclub 50 Bird Sporting - 2018 Dates Set

We are delighted that the well anticipated interclub competition between Chalk Farm and Wayland will go ahead again this year.  

The leg at Wayland had bad weather last year so we are counting on our regular shooters to make a good show for us this time.  The Wayland bunch are are a really friendly lot and always have good numbers against ours at the return leg..  Please let's show them we can have good numbers too.


These events have proved to be great fun so do mark these dates in your diary:

Wayland - Wednesday the 13th June 2018

Registration from 5:30pm (shooting starting at 6pm).
All shooters must finish at 9pm sharp so please allow enough time. 

Rates: Wayland Members - usual member rates apply.  Non-members - a special non-member rate on the day of £13.75 for the 50 bird.  

Chalk Farm - Tuesday the 17th July 2018

We will announce entry times for the Chalk Farm leg closer to the event.

Rates: Chalk Farm's usual practice rates apply.

What Else You Need to Know About This Event

  • Anyone who practices at Chalk Farm Clayground can represent us in the interclub events.
  • You DO NOT have to do both legs.  
  • This is a friendly event.  All abilities are welcome - it does not matter what your ability is like.
  • Top five on the day count and this will be repeated at the return leg.
  • 50 Bird Sporting.


 We would like to see better numbers attending the Wayland leg
which is at Carbrooke Road, Shipdham.
You can currently attend practice nights at Wayland on Wednesdays from 6pm.  
It is a very friendly ground.  One of Steven's favourites.

 Happy shooters return from taking their turn at a CPSA event

Happy shooters return from taking their turn at a CPSA event

Improved Conditions Brings Out the Young People

It was much appreciated to receive the kind messages and emails that you have sent as well as Facebook posts about the Easter Bank Holiday Monday Fun Shoot. Most seem to applaud the effort that went into making sure the competition went ahead in all that rain. Steven said: "Those that turned up weren’t the sort to sit home an a day like that." It is really nice to be able to pass on compliments to the team. 

We have noticed some shooters are coming back that we haven't seen through the bad weather in the winter. It is great seeing everyone again and the weather is looking good for Sunday, 8th Aprll 2018.  A little reminder that Rob is available for breakfast from 9:30am for shooters wanting an early start.

We enjoyed improved conditions on Tuesday, 3rd April 2018 and it was the busiest Tuesday we have seen for a while.  Great to see.  This was possibly helped by a good number of the young people being out due to the Easter school holidays.

The Sporting was much busier which gave us a full top ten, also great to see.  We hope to make the leader board great again this summer so would encourage all shooters to hand in their score cards.

Anyone wanting to just shoot stands 1-5 we will list a winner for this.  Not enough were shooting the last time I tried to list more as it was a 50. If I get enough 50 Birds returned I will aim to list more. Some of you may find the walk to do the full 100 Bird too much so this will hopefully offer another option but we will see how it goes. Remember it does need to be stands 1-5 so everyone is shooting the same.

Compak also remained very busy on both stands.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the regular Sunday and Tuesday practice sessions.

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Many Defy the Rain to Enjoy Our Easter Fun Easter Shoot

It is typical that the rain had showed signs of stopping just as we had a call from a gentleman at 12.30pm to ask how the weather was doing then within ten minutes of the call it fired back up again.  Sadly it continued on throughout the afternoon.  Our original expectations of wet and muddy proved to be pretty accurate in the end.

We really appreciate those that made the effort to come out any way, bringing with them jovial high spirits and accepting the conditions without complaint. Some used the front car park and took advantage of a lift in a 4x4. It would have undoubtedly been far busier if not for the downpour most of the day but numbers turned out to be pretty good in spite of this.

The side by sides seemed to be out in good numbers with many relishing the chance to show what they can do with one. It was nice to have something that was for our practice shooters to have a go on.

It is doubly typical that tomorrow, Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, the forecast says that it is going to be 15 degrees and dry!  Good for our Tuesday shooters but of no help on Easter Bank Holiday Monday.  If only we could control the weather ....

Thank you all for coming along and making it a great day.  Let's hope for better conditions on Tuesday and the weekend.

Please read on for the results.

Highlights - 50 Bird Sporting

We extend a big well done to Bev Garrod and Mark French who achieved joint first on the High Gun with both on 48. They split the prize money and win £50 each. We really appreciated the continued support of our High Gun sponsor, Jonathan Smith, of Chalk Farm Financial Planning.

David Steed was the winner of the side by side with a 44 winning £50.

Russ Rix and P. Guttridge are joint top on the 20 bore both on 44.  They share the prize and get £25 each.

T. Henshaw was the winner of the ladies on a 37.

Toby Twite was the junior winner on a 34.

A. Stanbridge was the winner of the veteran on a 43.

We have prizes for all of these places.  Please ask at the desk.

2nd April 2018 Fun Easter Competition Results

Bev Garrod    48
Mark French  48
T J Johnson    46
P. Cockerill    45
J. Spinks    45
J. Pile    45
D. Claxton    45
K. Hoolhouse     44
C. Smith    44
M. Goddard    44
P. Leake    44
A. Brignell    44
K. Marlow    44
C. Hill    43
S. Lane    43
A. Bland    42
S. Buck    42
P. Chubbock    41
J. Smythe    39
A. Tyte    39
A. Bowers    38
M. Kerrison    38
A. Hagan    37
S. Crutchfield    37
G. Kerry    37
N. Webbe    36
M. Bamforth    36
M. Warren    36
J. Large    36
Paul Henson    36
P. Snell    35
M. Bland    35
L.Copeman    35
B. Kerrison     34
O. Morton    33
R. Stubbings    32
M. Butler    27
P. Delaney    26
C. Allison     26
A. Odendaal    25
David Brown    23
N. Walker    22
J. Bacon    22
B. Di’giulio    18
A. Money    12


David Steed    44
D Gooding    43
K. Reeve    42
S. Reinhold    41
Gareth Maund    35
Mark Smith    34
A. Ward    33
S. Holman    32
J. Hamilton     30
S. Coombe    28


Russ Rix    44
P. Gutteridge    44
C. Smith    39
N. Kingston    34
K. Stead    33


T. Henshaw 37
K. Neave 33
Carmela Nocera 26
Karen Stead 25
S. Greenwood 20
C. Allen 18


Toby Twite 34
Robert Kingston 30
Zak Elmer 28
L Smyth 20


A. Stanbridge 43
G. Jolley 33
A. Howard 29
A. Kidd 19


3 way tie on first card so prize split between them

James Pile £10
M. French £10
M. Goddard £10

Chris Smith full card £30

K. Hoolhouse part card £15