M Bowes Achieves a Phenomenal 99/100 High Gun Result on Sunday, 29th October 2017

Numbers were up for today's CPSA 100 BIRD REGISTERED SPORTING event such that we hope to look at a December CPSA date.

It was a phenomenal result on the High Gun with M Bowes achieving a staggering 99/100.  Well done to him.

Other great results were seen across the other classes including the Vet Class with a fab 97 from I Hallwood.  All other Class results were also high.

Feedback on layouts was pleasing with this comment from Glenn Wilson: "Fantastic round today. Excellent set up."  We do aim to be creative with our layouts so it is great to hear we are getting it right.

Thank you once again to our High Gun sponsor, Jonathan Smith, of Chalk Farm Financial Planning, who congratulated the winners personally.

High Gun 23rd July 2017

We were very lucky with the weather for the CPSA 100 Bird Sporting on Saturday 23rd July 2017. Despite the changeable weather conditions experienced recently, it managed to stay fine for a great day's shooting.  Some of our shooters had left torrential conditions at home and were pleased to find that they managed to stay completely dry all day.  

Our  High Gun sponsor, Jonathan Smith, of Chalk Farm Financial Planning, said at the start: "I thought the round was slightly easier than the last one and I expected to see a 96 or 97 for the final result.  However, right up until late in the day the highest result seen was a 90.  Then at last moment we had an exceptional 98/100 come through from Duane Morley.  A hearty congratulations to Duane for such a great result."


Duane Morley receives the High Gun prize from sponsor, Jonathan Smith of Chalk Farm Financial Plannings