Fantastic Extreme Compak Qualifiers - Winner Declared 11th September 2018

Our first Extreme Compak competition was a hard fought battle with the weather presenting a good few handicaps - most of the qualifying rounds have been shot in summer sunny days.

Over the weeks leading up to this new challenge there were a selection of targets that were both fast and distant. During this period, a group of dedicated shooters gave a demonstration of just what can be achieved. In fact, the targets and the shooting displayed by these shooters at those ranges was the best Steven has ever watched.  

A fantastic well done to Dave Gooding who won the day with a score of 18. Although it was a popular win, any of the runners up would have been equally welcome as worthy winners.  Thank you to Glenn for setting this challenge and many thanks to those that took part.  

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The Extreme Compak Results for Tuesday 11th September 2018:

Winner was Dave Gooding on 18 (prize money £150)  Well done to Dave!!

Mark Bowes 17
Mark Cobbold 15
Jake Moore 12
Karl Hagan 11
Dean Cann 11

 Steven Howling congratulates Extreme Compak winner Dave Gooding 11th Sept 2018.

Steven Howling congratulates Extreme Compak winner Dave Gooding 11th Sept 2018.

Extreme Compak Finals List Declared - To Be Held On Tues 11th Sept 2018

Extreme Compak Qualifiers List to Date - Final Update Tuesday 4th September 2018

The final qualifiers for the Extreme Compak competition to be held on Tuesday, 11th Sept 2018 are:

Jake Moore x2
Darren Stanford
Karl Hagan x3
Mark Bowes x11
Dave Gooding x10
Mark Cobbold x5
Wayne Reeve x2
Dean Cann
Richard Bunning
Frank Davey
Glenn Garnham


Opportunities to qualify were available through the summer every Tuesday up to and including Tuesday, 4th September 2018.

This event is open to all to enjoy watching the finals on 11th September.  It will be a chance to watch some of the best shooters in the area battling it out. (Norfolk certainly has some of the very best).  Don't forget those not shooting at that level, there is still the regular Compak, Skeet, and Sporting available every Tuesday for normal practice.  


Shooters were welcome to enter multiple times and gain a qualifying place every time for scores of 16 or over.

Well done to those who have qualified - final qualifiers are as listed above.

 Chilling in between shooting bouts at chalk farm - courtesy of eileen howling

Chilling in between shooting bouts at chalk farm - courtesy of eileen howling

Extreme Compak Competition (Finals Day Tuesday 11th September 2018)

The success of Extreme Compak on a Tuesday has inspired us to add a bit more interest for our shooters at Chalk Farm Clay Ground.  

Jonathan Smith (Chalk Farm Financial Planning) came and shot the Extreme Compak last night for the first time.  He thought it was terrific and managed a 16 on his first go.  Jonathan, a regular sponsor of our CPSA High Gun Prizes, thinks adding a prize in will add an extra dimension to this stand and he has offered to sponsor an Extreme Compak competition.  

We are delighted to have his support and remind anyone looking for financial advice that his leaflets are located near the desk in the clubhouse.   

So now we are going to offer a competition on the Extreme Compak.  Finals day will be Tuesday 11th September with a prize of £150 to the winner on the night.  

  • To qualify for the finals you must have shot a 16 or more on the Extreme Compak between Tuesday, 24th July and Tuesday, 4th September.  
  • Each score of 16 and above will get you one entry in the final.  
  • The more scores 16 and over you get, the more entries you have.  
  • Those that qualify will not have to pay for their rounds on finals day.  
  • Only those that qualified prior to finals day are eligible to shoot on finals day and win the money.  
  • We will keep a running list of qualifying entries going so you can check at any time who is able to attend.

Good luck everyone.

 Jonathan Smith Shooting at Chalk Farm Clay Ground

Jonathan Smith Shooting at Chalk Farm Clay Ground

Hearing and Eye Protection - Your Safety is Our Priority

Whilst out taking photographs at the Clay Ground on Tuesday, 10th June 2018, Eileen noticed that there were a good number of shooters not wearing hearing and eye protection. Please be aware there are signs as visitors drive into the Clay Ground stating this is not an option at Chalk Farm Clay Ground.

Chalk Farm Clay Ground are happy to lend hearing and eye protection to anyone that needs them but visitors do need to ask.  On the other hand, if you are a regular shooter we request that you please buy some for your personal use..

This is very much a safety message as many people have been hit by a clay fragment, somewhere at some point.

Steven says: "Its the particles and decibels you don't see that can blind you and make you become deaf."  Most shooters that Eileen had spoken to had simply forgotten but how terrible it would be if someone needless suffered as a result of this oversight.

Please be aware that those pressing the buttons on the Compak/DTL have been told not to start until everyone is wearing appropriate hearing and eye protection. 

Please remember:

1. they are just doing their job if they remind you; and
2. this is for your own protection and is a health and safety requirement.

Additional signs are being made this week  and will be placed around the Skeet an DTL benches as all s spectators and children of ALL AGES (including those in pushchairs) need to wear ear defenders and eye protection as well.   

Many thanks for everyone’s help on this.  


We can lend them to anyone that needs them but ask if your shoot regularly please buy some. Many people have been hit by a clay fragment, somewhere at some point.

Ear defenders and eye safety equipment

GDPR Is a Great Opportunity to Tidy Up Our Mailing List

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Since March 2017 we have increased the ways in which we communicate with shooters via postings on our website and social media.  Thus we understand it is probable that some of our followers would prefer not to carry on receiving updates via our newsletter.

If you meant to confirm your subscription to our newsletter but missed the email, deleted it by accident etc then please click the link to subscribe and complete the form

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